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Your Visit

Dr Patel will talk to you about your baby or child's symptoms, and your concerns. She will fully examine your child, check his or her height and weight, and discuss  how best to manage his or her condition.

The following will be provided by our specialist allergy nurse, Dee Brown:

  • Allergy testing 

  • Training on allergy management including how and when to use an epipen or similar 

  • Checking asthma inhaler technique

  • Explaining how and when to apply eczema creams

  • Provide allergy/asthma plans for nursery and school

  • Provide information on diet, what to not give your baby/child and what you can give your baby/child 

  • Immunotherapy for allergic rhinitis/hay fever

We can also provide training for childminders, nurseries and schools 


Parent Says

We truly appreciate everything that you and the team have done for my baby for the last 8 months 

Mother of 1 year old

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